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100w 200w High cleaning efficiency Laser Cleaning Machine

It widely used in industries of Shipbuilding industry, Auto spare parts, Rubber mold, High-end machine tools,  tyre mold, 

pathway , environmental protection industry, and other.


1.long life, save equipment and labor cost.

2. Precise control, high precision.

3. No workpiece damage, non-pollution.

4. Simple to operate, hand-held or automated.

5. No consumables, low maintenance cost.

6. High cleaning efficiency and so on.

Our products have been widely applied to electrical appliances, handsets, hardware, precision machinery, jewelries, glasses, clocks, watches, craft work gifts, plastic mold, medical instruments,etc. Maintains good relations of cooperation with many famous international laser companies and famous experts in laser field. Sincerely provide customers with full range of laser solutions.

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